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Artax is an exciting new Community Cryptocurrency. The community governance and management of Artax Coin has been compared to that of Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin. Artax did not have an ICO and there was no presale. Read more about the Artax Coin Open-Source Committee Structure here and here. Artax was originally launched as a PoW coin and the only way you could get coins was by mining. As the committee changed hands and the coin progressed with the times Artax became PoW/PoS then PoS/MN. Artax is now changing again (keeping up the modern technology) to Pure PoS. Artax is implementing an aim to provide a complete Cryptocurency solution for mobile asset transfer and to vanish the difficulty around constraints on currencies. Artax will be used as a payment mode for bartering providers in the future. After the recent year of development from our committee volunteers, Artax is now shifting to rollout its DaaS platform per the original BCT announcement and roadmap..

Artax wallets



  • 2019 Q1

    • Recruiting More Volunteer Committee Team Members (no obligation)
    • Idea Emergence & Development
    • Initial Whitepaper draft
    • New DaaS Testnet
    • New wallet release
    • Plans for Artax DaaS Category of Website
  • 2019 Q2

    • Execute Artax DaaS System
    • Qualify Artax Database
    • Idea Development
    • Project Planning
    • Listing at
  • 2019 Q3

    • Blockchain Development
    • Market Research
    • Smart Contracts Launched
    • DaaS deployment and expansion
  • 2019 Q4

    • Community Development
    • Mobile Wallet Launches
    • New Windows Wallet Release
    • New Linux Wallet Release
    • New Macintosh Wallet Release
    • Listing on CryptoCurrency Payment Gateway Services
    • will start using its own smart contract
  • 2020 Q1

    • Cryptopia Exchange Listing
    • Android Wallet Release
    • Electrum Wallet Release
    • Will Add XAX Coin as Payment Currency to Hosting Providers
    • Mass Marketing (About Artax) - Phase 1
  • 2020 Q2

    • iOS Wallet Release
    • Decentralized Node Standalone Development begins
    • Webhosting Services on XAX will start
    • Will Add XAX Coin as Payment Currency to More Hosting Providers
  • 2020 Q3

    • Adding XAX coin as Payment Currency to More Hosting Providers
    • Mass Marketing (About Webhosting Services) - Phase 2
    • Launching Ecommerce Market shop with our smart contract vendors
  • 2020 Q4

    • Mass Marketing (About Hosting Marketplace) - Phase 3
    • New Plan Announcement
    • Final White/Black Paper Release
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